Shared days in Marseille – Day #2

MORE THAN THIS / Shared Residency #1

organised by L’OFFICINA
curated by Elena Biserna, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Francesca Corona
coordinated by Elena Biserna

December 12-14, 2018
Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille

Day #2
Elena Biserna, Simone Bertuzzi (Invernomuto), Anna Raimondo, Nicolas Memain

Mediterranean Crossings 2

∇ Reading session, Sandro Mezzadra, Brett Neilson, Border as Method, or the multiplication of labor (Durham & London, Duke University Press, 2013).

∇ Talk,

Simone Bertuzzi/Invernomuto, Black Med

Black Med is a platform initiated by Invernomuto for Manifesta 12: The Planetary Garden. The Mediterranean Sea, once understood as a fluid entity aiding the formation of networks and exchange, is now the scenario of a humanitarian crisis and heated geopolitical dispute. This ever problematising milieu is the battlefield for increasingly complex identities; the sonic trails emerging from the Mediterranean, as scholar Iain Chambers puts it, thus ‘resist representation and propose an affective economy […] that is intrinsically diasporic’. Following Alessandra Di Maio’s adaptation of the Black Atlantic theory to the Mediterranean, Black Med aims to intercept the trajectories that sounds trace passing through this protean area, with a series of live acts and listening sessions. In the occasion of More Than This Shared Residency, Simone Bertuzzi (Invernomuto) will browse through a selection of musical instances that constituted the research around the Black Mediterranean so far. Starting from the genesis of the project in Palermo, the talk will also present various visual references to focus on representation and self-representation in the cities of Naples, Paris and Marseille.

∇ Listening session, Anna Raimondo, Derrière la mer (2018), audio documentary

After having met people from different cultural and geographic horizons, Raimondo has composed a lyric opera based on excerpts of these interviews in dialogue with Koranic and Biblical passages related to the see. This score is in three parts: the first part, Toward the sea, is the sensual relation with this element; the second, Crossing the sea , evokes the dangers that it represents; the third, Beyond the sea, proposes a vision and a reflection on the symbolic end of the sea. This work is a vocal journey between cultures, languages and multiple visions about the sea, imagined as an element which is impossible to break and not intended to separate. Performed by Edyta Jerząb and Jérôme Porsperger.

The Complexity of Marseille and the Urgency of Displacement and Hospitality Now

∇ Talk, Elena Biserna, Marseille as a Site of Struggle.

An Insider’s Account A personal, partial and situated account on gentrification processes, the housing crisis and the struggles for the right to the city and to housing that have been taking place in Marseille city centre since the last months.

∇ Walk, Nicolas Memain, Bus 49 and 2 Hours Wandering in Noailles and La Plaine at Down