Shared days in Madrid – Day #1

MORE THAN THIS – Shared Residence 2

 Coordinated by Asociación Cultural Gestus, 
with the collaboration of Universidad Carlos III, Naves Matadero – Centro internacional de Artes Vivas, La Casa Encendida and Aleppo. 
Curatorial team: Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Simone Frangi, Mateo Feijoo, Sonsoles Herreros and Alfredo Miralles. 
Production: Mamen Adeva, Sara Osácar, Eugenia Luengo and Sofia Gasset. 
December 15 – 17, 2019 Madrid, Spain. 

DAY #1
La Casa Encendida

∇ Talk with Daniel Blanga Gubbay
∇ Presentation of the project La Liminal

Naves Matedero

∇ Visit to the Exhibition “El Archivo del Polvo” by Elena del Rivero 

Elena del Rivero’s exhibition – The Dust Archive – is made with plastic and visual material that the artist has been working on since the 9/11 happened nearby her studio in New York.  On 11 September 2001, the Spanish artist based in NY, was in Madrid preparing her forthcoming inauguration when she saw the Twin Towers collapse on the television. While she watched the clouds of dust, she imagined that her studio (located in 125, Cedar Street, just opposite the South Tower) had been destroyed and she also collapsed. She flew to New York and went directly to her creative space but the police wouldn’t let her through that day. Nor the next days, either. Sometime later, the residents of Ground Zero were allowed to return to their homes. Her studio was covered in dust and papers. She cleaned the dust and contamination produced by the attack from all the objects, and then she used a video camera to document the cleaning of the area and its everyday life. She recorded more than 100 hours of footage and she gathered together some 3,000 papers that she numbered, catalogued, photographed and sewed together with silk and pearls, materials that are characteristic of Elena’s work, who conceives sewing as drawing. 
El archivo del polvo (The Dust Archive) articulates a mise-en-scène that speaks of the effects of war, pollution, the cultivation of raw materials, migrations, the transformation of architecture to help displaced peoples, the pain of loss… 

∇ Flipas party 

Flipas party is part of the URBAN CULTURE LABORATORY / BERLIN – PARIS – MADRID. It conceives urban culture as a collaborative practice and revitalization vehicle of unattended territories, it opens the field of possibilities and allows reconnecting the different actors of cultural spaces.  Víctor Pajares and Alberto Giraldo are working on revitalizing, from a physical and spiritual point of view, the legacy of the original breaking dance created in the New York during the seventies. In the nineties it was a genre that was in decline when the German Niels Robitzky (better known as Bboy “Storm”) arrived in the US to regenerate it. Robitzky managed to recover the essence of that New York scene and took it to Berlin. “Through a pedagogical and artistic project with dancers, we want to show the importance of this original language so that it is not lost by the simple display of physical and sports skills. We believe that it is interesting and necessary that future generations continue to take the “baton” as Niels Robitzky did in Germany and as we are currently trying to continue from Madrid”.  In addition, we will also see the work of a group of dancers of The Young Creators Corporation of Chocó, a non-profit and cultural organization that has made theater, traditional dance and urban dance a meeting place, reflection, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence to join more than 400 children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in Colombia.