Parallèle — International production pole for emerging artistic practices

Parallèle is production platform for international artists based in Marseille. It works for the development of artistic projects, within and from Marseille and its surroundings, at an international scale.

Festival Parallèle, a highlight of visibility for the Platform, shares such forms with an ever-increasing and dedicated audience. At the heart of the programme lie the projects by the artists supported in terms of production-distribution. Together with them and stakeholders of many dynamics, there are artists from the new generation whose work we want to share with the audience from our territory and professionals in the cultural field, be it locally, nationally or internationally, who can continue to give life to the projects, by inviting them later on.

Parallèle is like a pool of talents, a quality space of visibility for artists from the young generation and we can assess every year the impact of this endeavour, as we see these artists evolve on the greatest stages in France, Europe and the Mediterranean area.