L’Officina – Festival Dansem

Founded in 1996, L’Officina – atelier marseillais de production is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the production, creation and presentation of different forms of performing arts, mostly in the choreographic field. L’Officina works on the international stage, aiming to stimulate the emergence of different art forms and researches relating to the physical and symbolic space of the Mediterranean and to build bridges and dialogues between people, visions and disciplines. Since 1996L’Officina produces each autumn Dansem – contemporary dance in the Mediterranean, a festival organized in partnership with many theatres and partners of Marseille and its surroundings. L’Officina has also developed several cooperation projects – such as Ciudades Que Danzan (1999 > 2001), MOS-AI-QUES (2006), Sites of Imagination (2007), Miniatures Officinae(2008-2013) – in partnership with several cultural operators across the Mediterranean.