Moment of Reflection #3: Simone Frangi, Sammy Baloji, Alessandra Ferrini, Justin Randoph Thompson

Artistic research practices against cultural identity in the Italian context with Lucrezia Cippitelli, researcher and curator, Sammy Baloji, artist, Alessandra Ferrini, artist and researcher, Justin Randoph Thompson, artist and founder of Black History Month Florence, Francesca Corona, co- director of Short Theatre, Simone Frangi, researcher and curator.

Conceived as a moment of theoretical study of the conceptual and political junctions of More Than This, the panel tries to situate the discussion around the key issues of the European platform (Hospitality, Complexity, Displacement) in the Italian context. The discussion brings together artists and researchers who through their investigation practices and the organization of initiatives and resistance groups have in recent years tried to crack the Italian narratives around the nation’s presumed cultural identity. Describing their critical tactics of intrusion in national (and Roman) museums and archives, in the oblivion strategies implemented by the unique writing of history, in monumental practices in public spaces, panelists and participants will address the role of artistic practices in rearrangement of a repertoire of distorting imaginaries still active in the Italian cultural space.

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