Moment of Reflection #2

For this second “Moment of reflection” of More Than This, activated in Marseille as a discussion forum, group of artists, curator and theoretician associated with the project, offers a public meeting around a question: how to think artistic practices from from Mediterranean waters rather than from surrounding national territories? Reflecting on the notions of complexity, hospitality and displacement, More Than This offers to return its fluidity to the figure of the artist and his practical, too often locked into stereotypes geographic or even national. This conversation with several voices, thought as collaboration with the public, based on the text The Mediterranean as a Stage: Borders, Memories, Bodies, in which Gaia Giuliani offers to interpret the Mediterranean as a “scene” where various proscenium are activated; a performance space and multiple stories, in cohabitation or in conflict; a cultural object and a platform of borders, memories and body, constantly filled and emptied of geopolitical meanings. De-naturalizing the Mediterranean then means design in and from its history, without ignoring power networks, violence movements, of resistance and harmonization which agitate him, thus that the complex web of colonial archives which constitutes. According to Giuliani, in this “middle sea”, the borders no longer exist only as limits from tangible territory, they were moved to within the aquatic space, making it a eminently political place. The Mediterranean then emerges as a place of complexity and fluidity of identities, and challenges hospital potential of scenic practices and their ability to resist definitive simplifications.