Displacement of festivals #1: Parallèle goes to SAAL Biennaal 2019 in Tallinn

The 18th international performing arts festival SAAL Biennaal 2019 – one of the partners of MTT network – will take place from the 14th to the 31st of August in Tallinn.

The programme of this edition has been condensed into three week-ends during which there is an opportunity to meet the work of 13 different artists. The focus of the festival this year is on the bodily wildness and the variations of a certain sensation of displacement.

Among the activities planned out within More Than This, Displacement of Festivals enables mobility. Each festival will have the opportunity to curate part of a partner’s festival programme, resulting in three days of sharing work practices and creating new tools and new ways of working together.

From 22 to 24 August Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallin) will host Parallèle (Marseille): during those days the two festivals will explore together concepts of hospitality, displacements and complexity.

The programme curated by Parallèle will feature:

22—24 August | 18:30
Sara Leghissa / Strasse
Something I’ve always dreamed of

22 August | 19:00
Marion Siéfert
La Grand Sommeil

24 August | 21:00
SB19 / Anne Lise Le Gac “La caresse du coma ft. Ange 92 Kcal”